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The image editing space has seen more innovation in the past year, than it has in the previous ten years. There are a number of reasons that have led up to this point, most notably cloud computing and AI. While competition to Photoshop is debatable, one thing is not: PSD. It’s simply the industry standard when it comes to image editing.

autoRetouch is a professional grade software service that helps post production teams around the world be more productive. It is used by large scale image service providers, photo studios and clipping path companies to pre-process images at scale. Here’s how they do it.

Create a workflow

Workflow builder in autoRetouch. Images shows how to create a PSD workflow.
The workflow builder allows for custom settings.

Bulk, mass processing hundreds of images

Batch processing of PSD in autoRetouch
Images can be processed one by one or in bulk, directly in the browser.

Alpha Mask in PSD

autoRetouch supports alpha masks. Image shows alpha layer mask in Photoshop.
True alpha layer mask in Photoshop.

Vector, clipping paths in PSD

autoRetouch outputs vector clipping paths. Image shows path pane in Photoshop.
Vector, clipping path output in PSD

Image Dimensions, DPI, Color Space

autoRetouch supports large images with large dpi setting. Image show settings in Photoshop.
autoRetouch can work with large image of up to 4096px, 300dpi and 50MB

XMP Metadata

autoRetouch fully support XMP Meta Data. Image shows XMP data in Photoshop.
Full support for XMP meta data




CEO of autoRetouch

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